Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery Scandals – Was it all fake?

Madhuri Dixit has been greatly recognized as one of the most popular actresses in the Bollywood movie industry. She has been well known as one of the female actress with a fascinatingly sexy body. Madhuri Dixit is also known as Madhuri Dixit-Nene. She is an Indian film actress who has been known for her work in a great number of Hindi cinema. Madhuri Dixit is usually cited as one of the best actresses in the Bollywood industry. She has been known throughout India as the diva in dancing. Madhuri Dixit enjoyed her career and commercial success during the end of the 1980s. Her success was continued to late 1990. There had been lots of ups and downs in her career. One of the many movies in which she took part was Abodh, which was made in 1984. The movie gained massive public attention with Tezaab in 1988. After all the success that she gained in the movie industry, Madhuri Dixit established herself as one of the leading actresses in Hindi movies. She has been popular for a number of roles that she acted during her career. Some of the other movies that she had been successful in were Lakhan, Tindev, Parinda, Saajan, Beta, and Hum AapkeHainKoun. After all, all people cared about was that she managed to get at the top of her career. It was her beauty that made her really popular at that time. However, it was not until the end of the 1990s that the actress was rumored to have plastic surgery. Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery was on everyone’s lips. The rumors indeed managed to taint her life and career as well.

What had been done through the surgical procedure?

Just like what happened to any other actors or actress in the Bollywood industry, people would go really crazy about foraging for the photos of any designated artists rumored to have done some plastic surgeries. This also happened to Madhuri Dixit. The rumors about Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery was really shocking as the actress was popular throughout the country with the fascinatingly sexy and hot body. People speculated that she had done not one but several plastic surgeries to have a look that she has today. One of many things that had been attributed to the rumors about Madhuroi Dixit plastic surgery was that she did a nose job. This rumor was corroborated by the existence of some photos on the internet that were meant to show the difference before and after the plastic surgery. As you can notice, the nose appeared rather different in that the newer version looks much more shaped and pointed. Also, it looks much slimmer and smaller than before. Madhuri Dixit nose job was recognized as one of the most successful nose job ever.

The Case of Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery

Of course, the rumors about Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery had been really booming at that time. As we all know, the actress will reach her fifty. This surely means that there have to be some sings of aging that normally happened to everyone. Most people attributed the rumors on Madhur Dixit plastic surgery to the fact that the actress has been slightly aged. In order to deal with the aging problem, Madhuri Dixit was assumed to have done some botox injections. The impact of the rumored procedure is quite salient today. You can see that there are almost no signs of aging. Her face looks so perfect and young. There are no wrinkles, eye bags, or any other signs of aging.

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery Scandals – A very well done nose job?

Lisa Kudrow started her career as a member of The Groundings. Shortly, Kudrow joined with Conan O’ Brien ad Tim Hillman who was the director in the short-lived Improv troupe Unexpected Company. Lisa Kudrow was also the single regular member of in the Transformer Comedy Coupe. Lisa Kudrow acted her role in the episode of NBC sitcom named Cheers. She indeed tried out for a show named Saturday Night Live. It was in 1990 that she commenced her career in the program. The show indeed chose Julia Sweeney instead of Lisa Kudrow at that time. Even though she did not get picked for the show, Lisa Kudrow had a recurring role in the three episodes of the season as Kathy Fleisher in the sitcom Bob from 1992 to 1993. It was the role that she played after she had taken part in the noticeable series finale of Newhart’s series. Lisa Kudrow was involved in the program in 1989. Kudrow then was casted to take some parts of Roz Doyle in Fraiser. However, again, her role was re-casted with PeriGlippin.Even though her career was full of ups and downs, Lisa Kudrow kept trying to take part in some other program. Indeed, she managed to succeed in her career. Unexpectedly, there were some unpleasant rumors that were attributed to her. One of those shocking rumors was that Lisa Kudrow had plastic surgery to get the look that she has nowadays.

A Great Nose Job?

Lots of people were shocked by the different look that Lisa Kudrow posed to the public. Of the most shocking thing was that she appeared to have a different nose. There had been some rumors which were attributed to that new nose. Most people, when looking at her appearance for the first time, would think that the actress indeed had some plastic surgery. This was corroborated by the existence of some photos on the internet which tried to pose the difference Lisa had before and after the rumored plastic surgery. If you happen to locate the pictures, you will notice some differences on that nose. Before the plastic surgery, Lisa Kudrow had rather a rounder and bigger nose on the tip. Yet, this was all changed when you looked at her after the plastic surgery. You can see that after the rumored plastic surgery, her nose appeared slimmer, narrower, and more pointed. Many people did believe the she had the surgical procedure. Once she said in an interview that she had the nose job when she was at senior high school.

Saving her career through the surgical procedure

At first, she thought that she looked really hideous. She did the surgery in the summer before she went to another high school. She said that the surgery was really good as no one recognized the change. Before the surgery, Lisa Kudrow admitted that she found it really hard to make friends. Kudrow admitted that it was hard making friends growing up. When she moved from sixth to seventh grade and to junior high, she was actually dropped by two friends.  However, everything was changed after she had done the surgical procedure. This indeed confirmed that the rumor about Lisa Kudrow plastic surgery was true. Once Lisa also admitted that Conan O’Brien saved her from quitted her career. The surgical procedure indeed changed her life. Presumably unknowingly, Lisa Kudrow used, to some extent, some of the feelings she had when she was at her senior high school. After she had taken the plastic surgery, she found out that everything was totally different.