Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Scandal – Awesome Facelift Work?

In 1980, Lorenzo Lamas took part in an audition for the role Jane Wyman’s playboy henchman and grandson for the new series named The Vintage Years. He acted for the role as a pilot in Falcon Crest. In an interview in 2006 with a Norwegian television team, Lorenzo Lamas said that he had been auditioned twice to get the role on Falcon Crest. After finishing his role in Falcon Crest, Lorenzo Lamas was nominated for Soap Opera Digest Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Lamas was recognized as the only actor appearing in all two hundred and twenty-seven episodes of the series. During an interview, he said that Jane Wyman’s personas were much more of a hard working person rather than a diva. In 1984, Lorenzo Lamas managed to get nominated for the Worst Actor at Golden Raspberry Award since his performance in the movie Body Rock was outstanding. Also, Lamas also performed a song on the soundtrack for that film. His career was very successful at that time; however, once it was rumored that Lorenzo Lamas had plastic surgery to boost his look.

Before and After the Surgical Procedure

Lorenzo Lamas was really popular for his role in the Falcon Crest. It was in this movie that his career as an actor was massively escalated. The actor’s popularity had been carried with lots of praise on the internet. Lorenzo Lamas had always been known as the charming guy with incredible abs.

Nevertheless, this was no longer the case since he has lost the glow that made him darling to his fans. In fact, most of his fans thought that he had become unrecognizable. This was assumed to be the result of cosmetic surgery that he had in the past. It was actually common for a celebrity to have such surgery to boost his or her look as there is a lot of pressure in the realm of the movie industry. Celebrities turn to cosmetic surgery to mend their look yet sometimes things do not appear as expected. Lorenzo Lamas plastic surgery made him much more popular, yet in the wrong way. It was believed that his choice in the rumored cosmetic surgery was meant to make him stay young, which was not successful. All those procedures were only the initial stages for combating wrinkles, sagging skin, and crowfeet. They have been greatly known as addictive procedures and have turned on celebrities that have failed to make use of them with medical instructions. Not all procedures were successful even thought they had been done under surgeon advice. Lorenzo’s face has been different a lot. He has the normal changes in the adult. Hi, features were more outlined but not as striking as they were in the past. It was speculated that he had used too much botox injections. It was truly unfortunate that an actor as talented and handsome as Lorenzo Lamas ended up wrong with the plastic surgery. Although the outcomes were not as he expected, you will truly agree that he appears better natural.

Plastic Surgery Error?

It was assumed that he also had eyelid surgery. Eye bags do not only make a person appear older but also makes his or her eyes look smaller. The removal of eye bags makes the eyes wider. However, it may widen the eyes too much, which appears erroneous. The change in Lorenzo’s face also alluded to his novel eyes size which did not augur well with the rest of his look on that face. He was also rumored to have done liposuction. All those changes really made Lorenzo Lamas Plastic surgery erroneously detrimental.